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Marvin Adkins – Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co., Mineral Wells, TX
“The 201 is working well.  I don’t think we are using as much.  It seems to lube the blade better and stays cleaner.”

Mark Dietz, Operations Manager – Fox Metals & Alloys Houston, TX:
Use coolant sounds like a simple operation. However, anyone charged with the task of finding a coolant that really works and does not turn rancid or cause corrosion can tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. Factors like concentration, pH, water hardness, tramp oils, aeration, organic materials and chip build-up can make the task seem insurmountable. In the past we have used the ‘pink’; it developed a foul odor and caused skin irritation. Soluble oils; the saws loved it but the operators hated it because the oil got on everything and they had to remove it to tag the material (it also developed odor). Semi-synthetic; it developed odor and had some rust issues. We used biocides, anti-corrosion additives or sump cleaners with limited success. A year ago we started using HEM’s Eliminator II 201 Synthetic. Wow, we made it through one of the hottest summers ever without foul odor, rust additives or sump cleaners; this stuff did it all by itself. And it’s cost effective; we are using a 16:1 concentration compared to 10:1 used in the past. Finally, a coolant without issues.

Clay McClenahan – Emerson, Lebanon, MO
“We have looked for a non-carcinogenic product that performed the actual task described in the product type, i.e. Anti-Spatter control, and found the Eliminator 107.  We have used Eliminator 107 on all of our automated MIG applications for our fixtures and nozzles with great satisfaction.  The product does not build up heavily and allows spatter to be brushed off easily with no accumulation of spatter.”

Libby – Saw Operator & Welder – Eden’s Structural, Bixby, OK
“The Eliminator 107 Anti-Spatter is a wonderful product for eliminating worm holes and nozzles sticking to the welding area.  I also found that using the 107 Anti-Spatter saved me money because the amount of product purchased by the gallon and using my own spray bottle, saved money over buying anti-spatter in aerosol cans.  Most notably, there was little or no odor when being used.”

Steve Adams – Adams Supply, Bartlesville, OK
“In my 39 years in the metal working and steel service industry, the Eliminator 105 is without a doubt the best machine and sump cleaner I have ever used.  I also found the cleaner to be very user-friendly, with no detriment to our operator’s skin or the machines.”

Tim Jackson, Owner – Jackson Machine Shop, Kittanning, PA
“We were using Shell Dascool 800 in our fly wheel grinder, and were experiencing excessive “chatter” finish on the work pieces.  We expected that we would have to rebuild the ways to eliminate the problem.  After switching to the Eliminator 201, the chatter disappeared.”

Wayne Richards – War Metals, Tulsa, OK
“The Eliminator 104 misting coolant is great for cutting the smaller structural and tubing products.  It stays on the cutting surface without the runoff you get with the flooding coolants.  The 104 spray mist coolant is also a very clean cutting oil.  It leaves no mess due to the nature of the misting system.  Also, there is no significant difference in the band saw blade life using the 104 when compared to the flood coolants we have used.”

Jeff Alsup – Great Bend industries, Great Bend, IN
“The Eliminator 103 extended our band saw blade life, saving money with less blade purchases.  The 103 fluid also lasted longer with much less rancidity problems,  Overall, the Eliminator fluid is a much better full soluble oil than I have used previously.”

Scott Meyer, Saw Operator – Die-Tech Industries, Germantown, WI
“I found the Eliminator 102 Semi-Synthetic to be a very low maintenance coolant with no odor, no rancidity problems, and it produced extended band saw blade life.”

John Lovelace – Coosa Steel, Rome, GA:
“After switching to the Eliminator 101 Synthetic coolant, there was no loss of blade life compared to the soluble oil we were using.  I particularly like the cleanliness of the Eliminator 101.  After cutting, there is no need to prepare our stock for painting and welding because there is no residue from the coolant.  There is also no rancid smoke when we weld after cutting with the 101 fluid.”