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The NEW way to make vehicle A/C line repair Fast and Easy!!!

KlimaKlamp provides the method and the components to repair vehicle A/C lines on or off the vehicle, making for convenient and time-saving repairs, even if the OEM replacement lines are not available!!!

Just determine where the leak is in the original line, select the correct size components that match up with the existing lines, and make the repair, it’s that easy. Three kits are available depending on your needs.

Replacement components and additional tools are available!

As Seen on Sam’s Garage

Klimaklamp Basic Kit



Part #: Y-001000-000-00-0-000  

Klimaklamp Professional Kit



Part #: Y-001001-000-00-0-000 

Klimaklamp Premium Kit



Part #: Y-001002-000-00-0-000 


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